Canadian identity

canadian history

How do Canadians express their identity.

way that Canadians express their identity are symbols, art and ,story tellingThe symbols are the cold winter, maple syrup, hockey and , wildlife

Canada: the land, symbols of Canada, story telling/art.

How have historical events shaped the present Canadian identity

many events have occurred throughout the history of Canada. These events reveal the changing values, belies and attitudes behind the decisions and choices made in Canada.

The Royal Proclamation of 1763-The Royal Proclamation was issued by British king George III in 1763

The war of 1812, confederation and the Canadian rail way, the creation of medicare.

How does Canada's role in the global community shape the Canadian identity

even after Confederation, most Canadians identified themselves with Britain and saw themselves as British subjects. Canada's flag was the British flag, the Union Jack. The national anthem was" God Save The King. After taking part in global conflicts such as first and second world wars, Canadians started to see themselves as a independent country

What was Canada's role in the first world war?

More then 17 million people died in the conflict more the n 60,000 were Canadians

Canada becomes involved

In 1914,Canada was still a member of British Empire . when war broke out the Canadian government could decide to send food and clothes or only solders. They could also decide to do nothing this was a very unlikely diction

How did the war affect Canada?

Canada became an industrial nation through its efforts during the second World war. More then 16,000 planes and 400 ships were built in Canada for the war. The value of all goods produced in Canada during the war would be about $100 billion today.

The war in Afghanistan

on September 11,2001 (now known as 9/11),attacks later attributed to A1 Qaeda killed 2996 people-including 24 Canadians.

Canada's peacekeeping Efforts

Canada has been involved in numerous peacekeeping missions around the world , with both United Nations and Nato. However, in recent years, fewer Canadian peacekeepers have been deployed. the Pearson Peacekeeping Center , which was opened in 1994 to support Canada's contributions to international peace, closed in 2013.

How have different worldviews shaped our relationship with the land

Developing a worldview

Right know you are developing a personal worldview

Traditional indigenous Worldview

While no single worldview encompasses the views and beliefs of all indigenous peoples, certain traditional values and guiding thoughts appear to be common among them. These ideas suggest the way Indigenous peoples traditionally saw them self's in relation to the rest of the world.

What is the Treaty relationship in canada?

What were the different perspectives of those who signed Treaties in Canada?

The rode to Treaties in Canada began as nations tried to find ways to live on the same land and create an continues relationship between nations.

The road to the Treaties

some Treaty provisions that come from this period include the following

First Nations hunting territories would be preserved

First Nations peoples would be protected against fraud by privet individuals.

What were the expectations and benefits of the Treaties?

First Nations

At the time the Treaties were signed, First Nations peoples hoped to learn from the newcomers, so they could live life in harmony with them .

The Crown

The crown had a grate under standing of English language used in the Treaty documents. The crown believed they were making legal contracts with First Nations, and had a good under standing of English

What were some provisions of the Treaties

First Nations Elders tech that their ancestors did not give up on ways of life just because Treaties were signed.

What are some unfulfilled aspects of the Treaties?

During the Treaty making process the rights were laid out for example - First Nations would be able to maintain ways of life through hunting, fishing, and gathering

- annual payments and clothing would be provided by the crown

-school and teachers would be provided by the crown and a medicine chest

why are certain lands set aside in canada

Crown land- In Canada about 89% of land is Crown land ,most of this land holds forests, First Nations reserved lands, Canadian military bases, and provincial or federal parks and wilderness areas.

The Dominion Land Survey:settlement of the west

In 1872, the Dominion Land Survey divided land in western Canada into sections, using Longitude and latitude, surveyors divided land Into townships, which were about 10 kilometres square. Each township was divided into 36 sections


In Canada, 3,377,826 hectares of land is registered as reserved land. On this land First Nations continued to hunt, trap, gather, and fish. We also have protected land and heritage sights .