The Great Cherokee

By Austin Walter

About The Great Cherokee

The Cherokee Indians were a very large Native American tribe that originally settled in the southeast portions of the United States. They settled in North and South Carolina area .

6 Facts About The cherokee

1.Cherokee Indians are a tribe of American Indian people who were moved from the Great Lakes region to the Appalachian Mountains.

2.There are seven recognised clans in Cherokee Society: the clan names are Long Hair, Blue, Wolf, Wild Potato, Deer, Bird and Paint.

3.Clan members are considered to be brother and sisters; it is forbidden for a Cherokee Indian to marry within the same clan.

4.Cherokee Indian history dates back over one thousand years.

Paragraph about the Cherokee

The Cherokee people are best known for their fine baskets usually made from cane .Cherokee traditionally buried their dead in the earth as they believed that the plants fed the animals and the plants , this was two of there best known culture traits .They modified only a little from where they are staying . Because there culture try's to use most of there resources in the area ...