Three Blind Mice Stay out too Late

by Kaela Duncan

The Three Blind Mice start the night

The Three Blind Mice head out for the night, they stop for a bite to eat before walking the streets.
Now full, the mice traveled to their next destination. They had heard of a party at their friends house.
While they were all dancing, three mean mice approached them and started to cause trouble.
The mean mice began to start a riot and were trying to fight the blind mice. The neighbors called the police and the first mouse of the blind mice was arrested.
The first mouse was told that if his friends could pay bail, then he would be free for the moment. However; the mice were not prepared to pay.
After the grand jury met on account of the first mouse's case he was indicted with only a misdemeanor.
Since the mice could not afford bail they also could not afford a lawyer to help with the case. They were appointed a public defender. He received a subpoena said that his case was scheduled for an arraignment on Thursday in the local court.
There would be no plea bargain for the first mouse because his crime was not a serious offense.
The first mouse stood in front of the petit jury and listened as each witness testified the events of the night.
The first mouse was quite upset that he was being prosecuted by the mean mouse, even though he hadn't done anything wrong. The first mouse should not be the defendant in this case.
When the mean mouse testified he was perjury while claiming that the first mouse had attacked him, but the judge never questioned what the mean mouse was saying.
The final verdict was that the first mouse was convicted of violent behavior and received one year in jail. After the first mouse went to jail he filed for an appeal since he had not done the things the mean mouse had claimed.
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