Mitchellville Reads

February 2016

Reading at Home

Nourishing the Meal

Have your kids read recipes aloud to you while you’re cooking dinner. From ingredient lists to cooking directions, this kind of family reading will help build vocabulary, fluency…and dessert!

Pause, Prompt, Praise

When your child is reading aloud and encounters a word they don't know, the "Pause, Prompt, Praise," technique can help you support their reading.

Pause: when your child comes to a word they don't know, try not to jump in straight away. Wait and give your child time to work out the word.

Prompt: if your child successfully works out the problem word, suggest they go back to the beginning of the sentence and re-read it (to recap meaning) before reading on.

If your child has not worked out the problem word, prompt them with some quick, low-key suggestions. Say things like:

  • "Try reading on for a sentence or two, miss out the difficult word and see if that helps you to work it out."
  • "Look at the sound the word begins with, use that clue, and think about what may make sense here? Look at the pictures."

If prompts like these are not working, simply tell your child the correct word.

Try not to spend too much time prompting, as your child will find it difficult to maintain the overall meaning of what they are reading.

Praise: praise your child's reading efforts and successes.

Books to Check Out

Digital Resources

Lexia Core 5

Recently, the district added Lexia Core 5, a digital resource that provides targeted reading instruction to our kindergarten through fifth grade students. Our students enjoy the personalized learning and international themes Lexia uses, and are frequently heard asking their teacher if they can get on Lexia when their work is completed.

Lexia can be accessed at home, and on any mobile device, so contact your child's teacher for the log in information.

Looking for more resources? Contact Stephanie Laird, Mitchellville Elementary's Instructional Coach!