What's Going On At Holling Heights 10/9/2020

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Oct 12,13 and 14- Parent Teacher Conferences


k-5 students will be allowed in the building at 8:10, please do NOT drop off your child prior to 8:10.

Parents please help us out

  • Check your email consistently and read all information carefully
  • Ensure that each morning your child has a clean mask to wear to school
  • Ensure that each morning your child has a clean water bottle (drinking fountains will not be able to be used but students can fill their water bottles)
  • When you are on school property be in a mask yourself
  • Respect the distance of other people when on school property

Note From Mrs. Logan

Nine weeks ago we started this school year with many unknowns. Will we be able to safely open schools in the midst of a pandemic? Will we be able to have rich instructional and social experiences with our students with all of the new restrictions? One quarter, 9 weeks, into the school year we have learned a lot. Our "I CAN, I AM TEAM HOLLING" mentality has prevailed. WE WE CAN AND WE HAVE had a great 1st quarter. Our procedures are working to keep students and staff safe. Everywhere you look at Holling you see students engaged in meaningful instructional and social emotional experiences that are pushing them to the next level of excellence. None of this could be happening without a TEAM approach. Thank you for all you have done to ensure your child comes to school ready to thrive. We look forward to a continuation of an amazing school year. 2020 has been an interesting year to say the least, but it hasn't stopped Team Holling from Greatness!

Important Conference Information for Parents- Download ZOOM

With conferences approaching, we want to make sure and maximize your time with your child's teacher. Conferencing via Zoom is new to most of us, so there may be bumps along the way, but we will be as proactive as possible.

For you to have the best conference experience, we found that downloading the Zoom Cloud Meetings app to whatever device you will use for conferences (computer, tablet, or phone) will allow you to join meetings with one click. If you have already used Zoom successfully, you do not need to do anything more. If you have never used Zoom,

  • Please try to download the Zoom app to your device as soon as possible.
  • Test it out by clicking on this Zoom link. After you click the link, you may be prompted to open the link in Zoom.
  • You should receive a message saying you are waiting for the host to start the meeting or that the meeting hasn't started yet. When you see that message, you may go ahead and tap Leave to exit the meeting; this is just a test link to make sure your device is Zoom ready.
  • You will receive your teacher's conference link as we get closer to conference time. Conference Zoom meetings will use a waiting room feature, and your child's teacher will let you into your conference at your designated time.

If you have any questions or need assistance with the Zoom Cloud Meetings app, please feel free to contact Mrs. Hunt at mnhunt@mpsomaha.org. To ensure your email is not missed, please type Zoom Assistance in the subject line. We appreciate your taking these extra steps, and we look forward to talking with you soon.

Counseling Lessons For October

This month our classroom counseling lessons in grades K-5 will focus on skills of resilience, coping skills, and how to get help for oneself and/or a friend. These lessons are intended to educate students on feelings of stress, worry, sadness, how to cope with such feelings, and how to ask for help if needed. Please talk with your child about these feelings, and reinforce appropriate coping strategies such as talking with a trusted adult, exercising, or doing an activity they enjoy. These lessons tie very closely with our school wide use of the Zones of Regulation Language and our social emotional learning practices. You can also find helpful coping resources and information on the Holling Heights SEL webpage or Mrs. Karloff’s webpage.

Please contact Mrs. Karloff with any questions!

JeAnna Karloff



Free Food

Meal Service Week of Oct. 12 - Oct. 16

Free curbside community meals will be available for pick up at the below listed sites from 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm on Tuesday, Oct. 13th:

  • Central Middle School- 12801 L Street
  • Millard North High School- 1010 South 144th Street
  • Millard South High School- 14905 Q Street
  • Millard West High School- 5710 South 176th Street

Tuesday Pick Up Curbside Community Order Form- order cutoff time will be 5:00 pm on Monday. Meal kits will include a breakfast and lunch for the dates of 10/14 thru 10/20.

An individual submission must be submitted for each child requesting a meal. The meals are free to any child between the ages of 1 - 18 years, no pre qualifying information is necessary to participate. If you have any questions please call 402-715-1440.

Weekend Meal Kits for In School Students

Weekend meal kits for in school students will not be offered on Oct.13th. Families can participate in the community curbside pick up on Tuesday, Oct. 13th by submitting an online order for each child. The meals are free to any child between the ages of 1 - 18 years, no pre qualifying information is necessary to participate. Weekend meal kits will be available on Oct. 23rd.

Attendance Procedures

  • If you child is home sick and you want make-up work please reach out to the teacher as we have in years past. Zoom and synchronized learning is set up for designated remote learners, not students who are home ill for a day or two.

Do you need support during these challenging times?

School supplies and other needs -

If you listed needing assistance when registering your child through online enrollment, Mrs. Karloff or Mrs. Anderson will be reaching out to you. If you did not complete that section of registration or your needs have changed, please contact either of them or the office at any time. jmkarloff@mpsomaha.org or jmanderson@mpsomaha.org

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