by katelyn

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Conflict: Catherine wants a normal life with no autism brothers’, David causes trouble for her all the time. When she meets Jason at the clinic she thinks she should try to keep Jason a secret from her somewhat friend Kristi. Will she solve her internal/external problem or will she go through another boring summer with her annoying brother David.

What happens

Catherine goes to the clinic with David and meets Jason. Kristi Catherine’s new neighbor doesn’t really like Catherine but asks her to go to the dance anyway. Catherine is not sure and doesn’t know if she should bring Jason. Will she bring him or will her brother ruin it all?


Theme: normal can be nothing without something special


"A rewarding story that may well inspire readers to think about others points of views" - Publishers Weekly

"A lovely, warm read, and a great discussion starter" - School Libary Journal

"A heart warming first novel" - Booklist

Comments from kids

Amanda: "I love it"

Maggie: " great for kids that have sisters and brothers with autism"

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