Gilded LilyDots Team Newsletter

April Showers brought Booking and Sponsoring Powers!

Let's make this month aMAYzing!

We had another record breaking month in April and I couldn't be prouder of all the momentum you have going into the summer months. Now is the time to book up through June and July to make sure your calendar is where you want it before vacation starts.

Speaking of vacation....who wants to be on the next Glam Getaway trip to Jamaica in January? I do, I do!!! With 4 months left in the earning period, anyone who WANTS it badly enough, can still earn it!

one of the biggest motivators with this company is Hoopla! Our annual "conference" more like super party where we all come together for inspiration, laughter, view the fall collection and much more. I hope you all make plans to attend in July!

Now go book a few more shows for May and sponsor someone fun to come along to Hoopla with you. And guess could be parading across that stage with us!

Here's to an awesome month!



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Top in Sales

#4 - Lacie Duke $1,372

#5 - Lindy Turnbull $1,337

#6 -Anne-Marie Martin $883

#7 - Amy McGuire $865

#8 - Jean Kuo $882

#9 - Emily Muzychka $692

#10 - Sharon Fischer $588

Top # of Trunk Shows Held

Kristen Mello - 7

Amy McGuire - 3

Lindy Turnbull - 2

Hope Cole - 2

Top Sponsorship

Hope Cole - 3

Welcome Emily Muzychka, Kassidy Davis and Chrysten Tate

Emily Muzychka - 2

Welcome Melissa Wilson and Kristen Rosales

Kristin Mello - 2

Welcome Rachel Caughman and Lindsay Collar

Lacie Duke - 1

Welcome Kristen Dubard

Jean Kuo - 1

Welcome Mia-Rose Graessle

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Happenings this Month:

Shine & Sparkle: Between now and May 31st earn our exclusive Shine & Sparkle T-shirt when you sell $1,500 PCV! The tees will be given out to all Hoopla attendees first!

Achievement Bracelets: We are so excited to introduce our new achievement bracelets. These charms are not only gorgeous but a meaningful way to tell your story as a Stylist. Every time you glance down at your wrist you’ll be reminded of your incredible accomplishments and know that you can do anything you dream of and more! Get your bracelet at Hoopla! Associate Stylists and above (as of June 2015) who attend Hoopla will receive their gorgeous new recognition bracelet with all their promotion level charms! There will be charms for all different achievements...not just promotions! All the exciting details will be revealed at Hoopla!

HOOPLA: My favorite 6 letter word! :) It is never too early to start planning your amazing business getaway we call Hoopla! It is a not to be missed event that happens in Vegas this year July 16-19! All the details are in the lounge. If you do nothing else for you business, you need to experience Hoopla one time and see how it changes you personally and professionally for the better. I always recommend putting aside 1 TS earnings per month and you've paid your way!

Glam Getaway: Location has been announced! Secret Orchid Resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica! Check out your glam tracker for all updates!

Team Incentive

Booking and sponsoring is the heart of this business! Make it a habit. Reach out to 2 people each day, that equals 14 a week, that's 56 on average a month, which means you will book a show or sponsor a stylist consistently each month! What do you have to lose? The answer is always NO if you do not ask the question! SO for this month, every stylist on our team who books and holds at least 1+ TS AND has total personal sales of at least $2,000 (total sales doesn't have to come from just one show) will win a $100 Stella & Dot gift card from me OR half of your HOOPLA registration for FREE! EVEN BETTER.....EVERY stylist on our team who sponsors 1+ person this month and that new stylist goes on to hit $1k in their first 30 days, you BOTH will receive a Fall exclusive statement necklace from me!