60,000 people have been killed from drug-related violence since late 2006. There is no breakdown of the number, the victims include suspected drug gang members, members of the security force and those considered innocent bystanders. In December 2012, newly installed president Enrique Pena Nieto promised to switch that focus of the Mexican drug war from tackling the gang leader to reduce the crimes and violence that affected the lives of Mexicans.


The reason why Mexico should push for a revolution is because the gang wars are killing people for no reason. This is a major issue. No one should be getting away from a murder. Police should already have a hold on this. Its not right for them to be getting away. Yes they are doing it early in the morning, but with the technology we have these days they should have all these gang member caught. They are just going to keep killing people. They know they got away the first time so they are just going to keep doing it. Its not right for them to be getting away from this. From all the people they have killed they should be able to find out where they are meeting.

The reason for the a Revolution in the Future

Anything can happen if they don't find a way to solve the problem of all the gang war. Capturing the main leaders will help them to get a stop in this murdering. Wont stop everyone, but will stop the biggest murder from happening. Everyday you give them are all the days they have to teach the other gang member there skills. Getting a hold on the leaders as quick as they can will make it easier from the police to get a hold of all the other people that are in this gang war. For an example watch the link below.
Mexico Gang war


It will be easy for the revolutionaries to communicate with the masses. All the people in Mexico want this gang war to stop. They don't know when the gang members are going to come to them. So the more people they get to help and warn them , the less murder there will be. If they can convince to people living there to help, will make the progress move faster. The military cant see everything, so if they have other people there to help, it will cover more ground.


Change will happen with violence. There is nothing else to do because the gang members are using loaded weapons to murder all these people. They will be trying to get all the help the can, calling all military support they can get. The more military support they get the less number of people going to get killed. When the military get there hands on any of the gang members, they will be sent right to jail. The court members will talk and figure out how long they will be in jail for.

Life Immediately Following the Revolution

After all this is done many people will be happy. Some might be a little different. You really don't know what is going to happen. They are going to have to take it slow to get back to a normal life. Many people have lots loved ones, cheering them up is the only thing you can do.