What is a digital dossier?

Digital dossier is a document showing what you have done on your digital life of side.IT shows from the beginning to the very end.Sometimes your digital dossier can start before you were even born and it can also stay after you die.Digital dossier shows your presence on social media.That information can contain anything you do online.Imagine it's like the book of your life, which holds all your secrets instead, this is the book of your social life.When you write a chapter in a book you need to finish the other chapters till the end of the book.In your social life(book), you start posting pics and sharing things till the end of your life.(book)

Some things of my digital dossier

-my sonography was copied in the hospital folder

-my birth barcode had all the information of me

-Getting a passport

-gaming accounts

-my mom posts pictures of me on Facebook

-got Instagram (post pictures) account on private

-got musical.ly (account on private)

-got an email account (barely use)

-all my private information is private

The beginning

This is how it all started.My sonography was copied into my hospital folder.Every baby had a barcode which had the gender, time of birth, surname and more.My parents used their phones to spread the message on SMS that I was born to relatives and close friends.Some relatives like my grandparents would also spread the news, and it goes along like that. My parents would send pictures on email to my grandparents, aunt and uncle of the first time I sit, stand walk and talk.


When I was in kindergarten a bank commercial took pictures in our class, and I was in the image they put the picture in an atm, newspapers, and they used the picture for many other things.As I grow, I am a little more independent.When I play on the internet, some games require email, your name and some other information.When I was nine, that was when I got my email.I didn't use it a lot.My parents got Facebook on 2011; my parents would post photos of me or photos of the whole family, they would also tag whoever is in the picture, friends from the people tagged can also see the image.I got my first phone when I was 10.I used it as a calculator, play games and contact my friends.When I got a little older, I was a bit more capable of experiencing social media.I got Instagram last year;that's when I started posting photos of myself.

The most impact on this is that we are growing our digital FOOTPRINT.

When you share information or post a picture it will always stay in the world wide web