Educational Literacy

Turn down for what ?

What is media, and what does it mean to be media literate. :D

Media is being connected to the world, being involved with the lifestyles of everyone around you. It allows you access into the world and shows you events taking place throughout time. To be media literate is to be able to understand all the media you are able to obtain. It means you understand how to process the information being given to you. Media is all around us, it is life, it is everyday events .That with the media's help, we have full access too it highly populated via internet. Other media sources include magazines, paper, games, movies, television shows and businesses. For example; if a bomb explodes in the Sothern China where all the farmers are, and your current living situation is in South America you have to rely on the media to have that travel access to you through the news being broadcasted from different locations around the world. Either way that media is being sent around …… we have which is a great tool to have these days to keep up with the current world situations.

Budweiser commercial

Budweiser Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial -- "Puppy Love" implies that budwisers beer brings everyone together no matter their differences. The commertial supports this thesis by showing the bonded connectioin between the horses and the puppy. The purpose of this commertial was to show that no matter who or what you are buswiser will bring you together in harmony and love. The intendended audence is for all ages and captures the heart of people with a love for animals, with the tone of this commertial being sweet and happy it got the message across.
MGK - See My Tears Lyrics (Updated)

See my tears

The song "See my tears" by rapper Machine Gun Kelly to me represents 1984 with one of his starting lines;
'Every day I wake up to the same shit

In the same house with the same bricks,

In the same clothes with the same kicks

I might as well be in jail caged in.'

It reminded me of how Winston lives, in this grimy dirty housing alone with the formal blue overalls and shoes. With all those things Winston feels jailed and trapped because he has no freedom.

the lyrics ;
'Oh my God, we living like this too long

Just to lose it all in a week.

My people too strong."

Reminded me of how in a week you could be vaporized after struggling so hard everyday to live and follow Big brother and just be made to never exist

the lyrics ;

'Look man, I been through it all, and I'm a be damned if I got this far,

And I let them strip me of this message let these haters take my heart.'

Made me think about how hard Winston's life has been growing up. All he has is his thoughts and he will be dammed if they take that so he conforms to society.

100 thousand plus, cult fan base yeah that is us

these specific lyrics reminded me of the undercover brotherhood with in the society that Winston got the hook up into through o'Brian

Nobody gave a shit for broken mirrors.

So I care less about appearance.

Just as long as they can hear us.

We're fearless, we're stupid, we're dealers, we're losers.

We're killers, we're orphans, we're addicts, we're stealers.

We're shooters so kill us.

We are what they say we are until conformity hits us.

these few lines of lyrics to me are so powerful and perfectly describe 1984.
they (the society) doesnt care about how they look because Big brother Dehumanized them into all looking the same. whats interesting though is they all can keep their original hair to be different and unique from the others.
my favorite line "we are what they say we are until conformity hits us" BOOM! they were who they were until big brother took over and destroyed their lives and took over with rules and laws aka, conformity.

Final media literacy input

My opinion front the beginning of the year is still the same as I would write it today. Media literacy is everything it is life, it is news, it is us. We are media literacy. The information we receive and obtain is all traveled through different sources of information that create media literacy. What I learned about media literacy is that even though we get news from all over the world it’s really not that popular to hear about foreign affairs, sure it will be given about 5 seconds of our time for that one bomb that exploded and killed hundreds of people and whatnot but what the news would rather tell us is that the little dog that lives down the street is no longer missing. What I am taking away from this class is that I am really not being given some of the most important information I should know within the world so I am going to start doing my own research and providing myself with this information. Since not through the news I will probably find my resources through the internet, of course not believing what it all has to tell me if its not a government site. This class to me was completely different than any other language arts class I’ve taken. Although I love to use the computers to do work I felt like it was a little too much having so many assignments always due on the computer. If I had a chance to change this course I would make an additional add of video assignments I like when we would watch so many videos in class and have a little paper to write down notes or answer questions on. That was my favorite part so I would like more assignments going along with the videos!