Google apps for education


What is GAFE?

Google apps for education is an acronym for Google Apps for Education. It includes apps, extensions, and programs embedded within Google. You will need to
  • Investigate GAFE

  • Create an activity using a google for education add on tool.
Google Apps for Education from Webanywhere

My favorite add ons


Flubaroo is an automatic grading tool! Great for quizzes, formative, summative, or anticipatory set tests.
How to use Flubaroo to Grade Google Form Assessments!


It is a voice commenting tool! Very cool for school.
Giving Students Feedback With Kaizena (Voice Comments) Tutorial

G(Math) Add on

Great Google add on for math functions, graphs, and equations
g(Math) Help Tutorial

Text help study skills

This google add on helps with organizing text and color coding.
Texthelp Study Skills Add-On For Google Docs

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