West Region


The West Region

The west region holds many states including Montana, California, Idaho, Wyoming, Washington, Hawaii, Alaska, Colorado, Utah, Oregon, and Nevada. Much of the west was discovered during the Louisiana Purchase of 1803. The west has a vast amount of plains and mountains. The west region was the last region to be discovered.
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The West Region Climate

The north states of the west region tend to be very dry. The lower half of the west including, Nevada, Utah, California, and Hawaii are more moist states. The west regions weather is very predictable. When it is summer it is very hot, but gets cool. When it is winter its cold. In fall its hot or cool weather. In spring it is cold, hot, or cool.

The Best Region is the West

The West region is the best region. The west is the best region because the west region has routes that are full of scenic beauty on a grand scale. Most of the states are full of many mountains and glaciers. The west has so much open space, it seems to have more stars. West cities are known for being tolerant. The west has an advantage of many national parks.

Fun Facts

President Barack Obama was born in the west region in Hawaii. Colleen Ballinger\ Miranda Sings was also born in the west region in California. Americans nick named the west the "Last Frontier." Mountains cover more than 50% of the west region. The west still grew rapidly in the 20th century.
The west is a good region to relax and rest in paradise. The west is a colorful place with many sites to see. The west is a place to have fun