First Time Diners

By:Kayla Gillespie

What to do when you are immediately seated

Once you are seated pick up napkin and let drop(don’t flag around) and put in lap.

A La Carte & A La Mode

A separate price for each item on the menu, a style or fashion

How to get a waiter attention-Raise your hand

Showing Gratuity & How to figure it on a Bill

Gratuity is the tip you give your waiter or waitress, you find the 15% of your bill as the tip

What to do when you finish each course

You place your silver wear on the plate so that the waiter knows your done

5 extra helpful hints

When down with soup put on a plate, Don;t put elbow on the table, Don't blow on soup stir it, when eating pasta twirl on spoon, Don't slurp food or drinks.