Welcome to English 9!

with Mrs. Allen


How ya doin'? I'm Vaughn James, and I was a student in Mrs. Allen's 9th grade English class. This class is very different than any English you've take before. The teacher is entertaining, you'll focus on technology a lot, and you'll grow a love for reading. There isn't many projects, but when there is, they aren't hard. Let's go over some things you'll do.


Most of you saw the film, but this year you'll be reading the book. In my personal opinion, the book is much better. For those of you who don't know, Divergent is a book based in a dystopian society. It gives an interesting view into how society could be.

Romeo and Juliet

A tale of teenage love, this story is actually quite interesting. You'll practice reading out-loud, which usually results in some...interesting...performances! You'll watch multiple movies based on the book as well. So there's something for everyone to enjoy!

The Odyssey

By far one of the most interesting reads, The Odyssey is one of the first novels ever written. Yet again, you'll watch a few movies on this. Voice acting is also very important in this section. I think everyone will enjoy this!

Group Reading Circles

Throughout the yea, you'll read a book on your own each month. However, near the end of the year, you will read a book with a group. You'll interpret the meaning, discuss flaws, etc. You'll make a website for the book, as well as a few other projects. It was a very easy and fun section in my opinion.

Independent Reading

As I said earlier, you will read a different book monthly all year. This is actually very easy. If you have a study hall period, use it. Taking at least 15 minutes every study hall to read will definitely help you reach your deadline. This is very important to Mrs. Allen, she hopes to help you find a love for reading.

My Personal Opinions

My favorite

The independent reading was the best section in my opinion. There was plenty of amazing books I've read, and some that were flat out awful. I've gotten to know Mrs. Scott, the librarian, very well through my book talks. Not to mention, I've learned about new genres that I now love.

My least favorite

There wasn't much I hated this year, but something that I really did not enjoy was the social media scare section. I'm not sure if you'll have this, but Mrs. Allen and Mrs. Whiting both talk about the dangers of Social Media. Yes, there are dangers and yes, it is in good heart. But the video we watch is beyond scripted I think.

My advice

This class is really easy if you just pay attention. Mrs. Allen will not force you to listen to her, it's your responsibility to keep yourself from getting distracted. It's also good to stay organized. Not only will it get you good grades, it'll give you more points at the end of every 9 weeks when she checks. Not to mention, she'll probably make fun of you if you are messy.

Top 5 ways to succeed in English 9

  1. Stay on Mrs. Allen's good side. She really doesn't have a bad side but better safe than sorry.
  2. ALWAYS do your article of the week assignments. I never did them and it really hurt my grade.
  3. STAY. ORGANIZED. She makes you get the dividers for a reason. Use them wisely.
  4. Don't skimp on the book talks. They aren't that hard, if you read the book and do the sticky notes you'll do fine.
  5. Just be yourself. Mrs. Allen likes a good person, and she tries her best to make you a good person I think.

"Mistakes you can learn from; Sins stay with you forever." ~Corey Taylor