All About Faith O'Mahony

Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today

Who I Am

My Interests:Basketball, Teaching, Sewing, and Arts and Crafts

My Skills:Sewing, Basketball, and arts and crafts

My Values:Friendships and Creativity

My Learning Style: Visual Spatial and Bodily Kinesthetic learner

Why should all the things be considered when deciding on a career?

They should all be considered when deciding on a career because you need to know if what your good at or what you like to do will fit in with a certain job description.

Something Interesting: I think something interesting would be that i would get to be around kids all day!

How do I get there?

College: University of Arkansas in Fayettville

Why:So I can stay close to family and friends.

Degree: Master's or Bachelor's

Cost per hour: $211.77

Scholarships: Basketball/ Academic