Latin 2 Online Class

Week 8-9 Updates


Class is now fully under way and, hopefully, all students have figured out how to find their assignments and grades. Most students seem comfortable contacting me with questions by email, phone, or text. Please encourage your students to utilize my help!

We also have extra help for the school year! The Peer Tutoring Center is available for all students. Contact me for instructions if students need help connecting with a tutor. It can be accessed directly by students through Blackboard IM,

As always, parents may check on a student's status by logging in with the student and viewing current grades under "My Grades" of each course. I can also email out progress reports by request. Sometimes, these reports help students to find what they are missing if they are having trouble reading their gradebook.

The 3rd Quarter ends on Friday, 3/20! 3rd quarter grade will be made up of your scores from Units 1-8 and the Post Assessment. Please encourage students to catch up if they are behind! We are currently working on Unit 8.

Visit HERE to find the NCVPS Official Calendar.

WEEK 8 Assignments

Monday, 3/9 - Unit 8 Vocabulary

Tuesday, 3/10 - Unit 8 Grammar

Wednesday, 3/11 - Unit 8 Stories

Thursday, 3/12 - Unit 8 Culture

Friday, 3/13 - Finish Unit 8

Monday, 3/16 - Unit 5-8 Post Assessment

Tuesday, 3/17 - Catch Up Day

Wednesday, 3/18 - Catch Up Day

Thursday, 3/19 - Catch Up Day

Friday, 3/20 - End of 3rd Quarter

Grades are updated each Sunday night. Work is not considered late until the Sunday night following the previous week. At that point, all missing work counts as a zero until it is made up.

Live Classrooms

I will be in the Live Classroom on Monday Nights at 9:00 PM. Other teachers also offer Live Classroom sessions if you can't make it to mine. Please click below to see the schedule for Live Class sessions each week.

Live Class Schedule