Preparing the Five Mother Sauces

Ms. Rochelle Bjelland

The Foundation of the Sauce...The Roux

Sauces need a liquid component. A key ingredient in sauce is the thickener, which adds richness and body. A roux is a thickener made of equal parts cooked flour and a fat, such as clarified butter, oil, or shortening.

History of the Mother Sauces

Assignment: Rearch various sauces from around the world and then select five sauces from five different cultures. Then, create a brochure that includes the following components: Name of the country/culture, sauce selected, recipe using that sauce, picture of the dish made with that sauce, and 2-3 interesting facts about the sauce. You will also be preaparing one of the sauces.

There are five classical grand sauces that are the basis for most other sauces. These are béchamel, veloute, brown, or espagnole sauce, tomato sauce, and hollandaise. My favorite sauce is hollandaise. We will prepare eggs benedict in class using hollandaise sauce!