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Victor Fields Elementary

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Principal's Message

I want to thank everyone for a great week!

This week, parents received a report card with written information about their child's progress. Normally, the communication would stop there unless there was a special circumstance.

But we took it a few steps further. Many parents had a face-to-face meeting with their child's teacher to find out about science fair and upcoming skills at Parent Curriculum Night.

In addition, many also got to see their child receive a certificate for perfect attendance, citizenship, honor roll, or other accolade at our Awards Ceremony.

This was a great week to be a parent at Fields Elementary. Did it take more time and planning on our behalf? Of course it did.

Was it worth it? As I recall our scavenger hunt in the surrounding neighborhoods, think about the odds we are up against, and then I see the pictures below, I say... absolutely.

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  • Shout out to Cindy Mendez for helping count the money daily for the Book Fair! It's a lot of extra work and she did it with a smile! Thank you for your help, Cindy! - Sandra Naranjo
  • Mr. Sanchez and Ms. Reyna, thank you for being a part of 3rd grade Curriculum night. Your help was greatly appreciated-3rd grade team
  • Mrs. Cindy Mendez- thank you for always taking time out of your busy schedule to answer any questions and with a smile!-Mrs. Balli
  • Mrs. Maciel-thank you for the compassion you show our students. You are an amazing person!-Mrs. Balli
  • Our Administration team-thank you for continuing to work with us and trying to find ways to make our jobs all about the teaching. Thank you for letting our voices be heard- Mrs. Balli
  • Our fabulous Fields Office Staff- you ladies are awesome for always going above and beyond for the staff! -Mrs. Balli
  • To Michelle Longoria, Elsa Alfaro, and Ana Morales for helping me with bus would be impossible without you! Thank you! -Ileana Reyna
  • I would like to make a SHOUT OUT to the entire 2nd grade team for being a supportive and hardworking team. It is a pleasure working with you all. Also, SHOUT OUT to all Fields Faculty and Staff.... We survived our First Six Weeks!!!! YAY!!! -Erika Rodriguez
  • Shout out to Sonia Benavides, Erica Renteria, & Stewart Montemayor for taking our students to the Houston Rockets vs. Orlando Magic NBA Pre-Season basketball game! This was a grand opportunity for our kiddos, and it couldn't have happened without you!! -Rosey Guerra
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Tuesday, October 13th

  • 4pm - McHi Parade Planning Meeting (for those who have volunteered only)

Wednesday, October 14th

  • Choir students perform at City Press Conference (see list from Ms. Chavez)
  • 4pm - District Science Fair Committee Meeting w/Ms. Grohler (Library)

Thursday, October 15th

  • 8:30am - Parental Involvement Meeting
  • 4pm - Faculty Meeting

Friday, October 16th

  • Career Awareness Presentation - Fire Fighter Paulo Herrera

Star Staff Members of the Week!

Ms. Llanos, thank you for all you do for Fields Elementary. We celebrate you!!

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Word Walls Galore!

Showcasing Awesome Work by Fields Teachers

Soup by Jon Gordon-Tip of the Week!

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