Southview Public School

April 11th - April 15th

Dear Teacher: Heartfelt Advice for Teachers from Students

Is it JUNE yet? No, sorry...just April!

The article below is a great read about students, from a teacher's perspective. This quick read talks about how, at the end of the year, we are all exhausted, and are looking for fast ways of having students consume information (ie. movies, etc.). The idea behind the article is that instead of students consuming information, have them be creative and learn but through creative ways (and yes, he gives us ideas of how this creativity can take place!)
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Upcoming Events

Monday, April 18th- Wellness Week Begins (Theme: Chill, Main Event: Meditation)!

Tuesday, April 19th- Wellness Week Activities (Theme: Play, Main Event: Tuesday Tone-Up), FSL Learning 12:25 library

Wednesday, April 20th- Wellness Week (Theme: Chat, Main Event: Wheels), Vice Principal's Meeting (Jenn away), Retired Teacher's of Ontario Meeting (library booked am), Parent Session on Student Mental Health (6:00 pm, library)

Thursday, April 21st- Wellness Week (Theme: Fuel, Main Event: Spin-A-Thon), Donations due

Friday, April 22nd- Wellness Week (Theme: Southview Blue, Main Event: Wrap-Up Bootcamp Assembly 8:00 am), Macaroni and Cheese

April 25th - May 6th - TTFM Surveys to be completed (Gr. 4-8)

Monday, April 25th- Woods/Leduce & Lewis/Thomson to Gould Lake, Social Studies Inquiry CI (library booked pm), Grade 2s to Grand Theatre, TTFM Surveys

Tuesday, April 26th- TTFM Surveys

Wednesday, April 27th- Office Administration Day, Sibling Photo Day, CONNECT conference, TTFM Surveys

Thursday, April 28th- Performance, "Violet's the Pilot" (K-6 in the gym @ 10:00), K Gymnastics 12-1 Woods/Leduc, 1:15-2:15 Zwiers/Virgin, SAC 6:30, TTFM Surveys

Friday, April 29th- Swiss Chalet, TTFM Surveys (closes May 6th)

Monday, May 2nd- Teacher Candidates return (until May 27th)

Tuesday, May 3rd- Hall/Cruji & Zwiers/Virgin to Gould Lake

Wednesday, May 4th- Intermediates to Summer Safety Days @ St. Lawrence

Thursday, May 5th- Local Government Day for Grade 5s @ SPC

Math Links

Learning Together, Embracing Differences

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Week Ahead

Monday, April 11th- (Day 3)

  • Tiffany @ Staffing (am)
  • Sports Team Photos
  • Bootcamp Video 8:00 am

Tuesday, April 12th- (Day 4)

  • Right to Read (Gr. 3 Classes & Library 3:45-5:15)
  • Intermediate Reading Group 8:15 am library
  • Tiffany @ Mentor Mtg (pm)

Wednesday, April 13th- (Day 5)

  • Heather M. & Sara L. @ MEND Training
  • Community Helpers (OPP & Guide Dog) @ 9:15-10:00 (Gr. 1-3) and in the gym, 10:15-10:45 (Kindergartens) (*please come with questions pre-asked by students to their teachers, for the community partners)
  • Outstanding Service Award Celebration, 5:30 @ Bd Office

Thursday, April 14th- (Day 1)

  • Right to Read (Gr. 3 Classes & Library 3:45-5:15)* last one!
  • David Bouchard Aboriginal Presentations: K-3: 9:30 - 10:00, Gr 4-8: 10:15 - 11:15 (gym)
  • Tiffany & Jenn @ Family of Schools Meeting @ Selby (7:15) with Tammy (late arrival to Southview)
  • Intermediate Reading Group 8:15 am library

Friday, April 15th- (Day 2)

  • Tiffany away all day

  • Yearbook orders due
  • TTFM letter goes home for Gr. 4-8
  • Pizza Day


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Congratulations Sherry & MaryLou! So well-earned!