My Life Stories

By: Stephen Korenek

The trip to A&M

This school year the high school went on a trip to Texas A&M. The trip started with a long bus ride there. We toured some of the campus and saw some awesome things like Kyle Field and some of the places where students can chill. Then we had a talk about how to apply for college and what things are needed. After that we had a one of a kind meal at this chicken place. Then we all went to their rec center which was totally cool. Then we went shopping but I didn't buy anything and thankfully we went home after that.


This year I got confirmed with all the other kids in my class. I think it may have changed me a little. Going to religion is a little better now because we don't have to study for it. Before that it was study study study. Confirmation now is thankfully over and I feel way better now all around.

Getting My Driver's License

This year I got my driverś license which was very cool because now I get to drive but it did turn up some problems with my family. I did not have a vehicle to drive but my dad was thinking of getting a new truck and guess what I get to drive that for a while until my parents make me give it up. Also we needed insurance for me and we had to through that process for my insurance. It turned out that we got a discount somewhere and now it is cheaper. Now I am driving all over the place
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