The battle of Inchon

40,000 american troops - (220 killed) (800 wounded)


Inchon is a major port city just below the 38th parallel and was the spot of a major battle during the Korean war

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Timing of the war

was a major invasion from the sea that split the North Korean advance into South Korea and it gradually pushed the North Koreans above the 38th parallel and back into deep North Korea
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Political impact

saved capitalism in the South Korea also pushed back communism into the North and made a great public image for Truman

Cultural social impact

this battle was a great moral boost to South Korean and United States troops it created the big idea that the war isn't over and it was still very winnable for the South and United States, major turning point in the Korean War.


Inchon (1981)
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General Douglas Macarthur- he earned fame from this battle because he was the man that planned out the invasion and he broke the the back of the north Korean army and took back the south Korean captial


split the north korean army saved south korea from being overrun by the north koreans and took a major amount of pressure off the Pusan
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Super Heroic actions

baldomero lopez- was a first lieutenant in the united states military, he received the medal of honor for smothering a hand grenade with his own body during the Inchon landing
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How the battle began

at 6:30 on september 15th 1950 lead elements of X core hit green beach on the northern side of wolmido, the second wave came ashore on red beach and blue beach, the north korean army was outnumbered by over 6:1 ratio.