Computer Hardware

What Is Inside Your Computer

Hard Drives And SSD's

A hard drive is the part of a computer that saves information and software and stores it inside it. an SSD is basically the same as a hard drive but it has no moving parts in it, whereas a hard drive has an arm inside and a disc. An SSD is also smaller

Optical Drive

An optical Drive is somthing that uses a laser to read DVD'S CD'S or any kind of disc storing information or software. This is the part computer that also comes out of the computer and is where you put the disc


RAM is similar to a hard drive or an SSD becasue it stores memory, although it only stores memory for when you need to use quickly, so it only keeps it on temperarily for a short period after it has been saved, and then it is kept on the hard drive or SSD. RAM stands for Random Accessible Memory


The monitor is the screen of the computer, and is obviously the biggest component and is the only part that you see.