Updates and Reminders

Eastview Elementary School - May 6, 2016

As many of you know, our Head Start end of year celebration took place this week. I would like to express my gratitude to all of our head start teachers and staff for the countless hours spent in preparation for this event! Our kiddos had a blast and the decorations were beautiful!

I would also like to recognize Meggan for the work she did with her after school bucket drumming band. I was unable to attend the performance on Thursday due to a required meeting, but I did have the chance to talk with several parents afterward and they were thrilled with their children's skills! Thank you, Meggan, for taking the time to offer this enrichment for our Kiddos! I look forward to adding more after school opportunities next year. Please see me with your ideas. We have a little funding for such activities.

Teachers, please remember to complete the TSCG survey by May 15. I am going to ask you all to complete another short survey (sorry!) related to my work with IPLI. I'll send that link to you after our teacher's meeting on Monday.

Thank you all for your support!


Week at a Glance

Hang on! It's going to be a busy week!

Monday: Case Conferences, EOY Assessment Schedule for grades 3-6, Teacher's meeting at 2:45

Tuesday: EOY Assessment Schedule for grades 3-6, Kindergarten Registration 3-6, Career Fair @ Everton, 4th Grade Field Trip

Wednesday: Head Start/Kindergarten Meeting for EW at 1:35, Kindergarten Registration 3-6

Thursday: Principal's Meeting @ 9:00, Head Start Transition Meeting @ 1:35, CMS meeting @ Eastview (2:45), PTO meeting @ 4:00, Board Academic Awards Program @ 7:00

Friday: SLO Step 5 Must Be Submitted in Harmony, Head Start Field Trip, 5th grade wax museum (9-10 & 1-2).

How are we growing in these areas?

  • Relationships
  • Clearly defined purpose for everything we do
  • Time on Task
  • Authentic Learning


  • Remember to send change of transportation notes to the office in the am.

  • Students are to go home their routine way unless there is a phone call or

    note to change that. If a student is adamant there is change, please contact parent before the end of the day to verify.

  • Please remember to let both Brenda and I know if you are going to be out for a sick or personal day. Please do not just put this in Aesop without letting us both know. An email to both of us is fine.

RTI Folders

Over the next few days, the Title I assistants will be filling out RTI End of Year summary sheets and putting the orange folders for your RTI kids in your mailboxes.

Open the folder and you will see the End of Year Form.

These are two questions you fill need to fill out for each student.

1. What instruction, intervention, and resources are recommended for next year? (Do not overthink this one! Write something like –“Currently on grade level, may not need RTI next year” or “Continue with tier 2” or “Begin Tier 3 immediately”)

2. Was summer school recommended? (Even if the student is not going, put yes or no for whether or not you recommended it)

Then stack folders in Joy's office according to grade level.

To Do

  • Please see "End-of-Year Checklist"

  • Class lists are due by Friday, May 13. We will review/discuss this process and the expectations on Monday.

  • TSCG Teacher Implementation Survey - Estimated time required: 15-20 minutes
    This needs to be completed by all classroom teachers who are involved with the project.
    Please share with building principals and leadership team members and ask them to have their staff complete these surveys no later than May 15, 2016.

On the Calendar

*Coaches schedule is below

*EOY Assessment Schedule for grades 3-6 is below

May 16 - Field Day (Schedule and information to come from Ben)

May 18 - Last Student Day, Awards Program at 9:00 (K-2) and 10:15 (3-6)

May 19 - Last Teacher Day - All preliminary summative evaluations completed

PTO News

Next meeting Thursday, May 12 at 4:00
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