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August 2017

Behind the Scenes

It's been a fast and furious start to the school year, but everyone seems to be settling in. We have all devices configured and ready to go, the assorted logins are set up and distributed, and you guys are beginning to check out the various carts. I have been making rounds to each campus to check on devices, logins, and librarians to make sure everything is running smoothly. I will begin popping into classrooms this week to see how you are using the technology and offer an extra set of hands if needed. I can't wait to see your genius in action!

Because of a Teacher... THANK YOU!

Because of a Teacher (A Tribute to All of Those Making a Difference)
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Check out "Goo in the Loo" in a staff bathroom near you!

As many of you have noticed, we have some Googlicious "potty PD" for you as you take care of business! The tips will be updates twice monthly on the 1st and 15th of the month. This being said, the 2nd edition of the Goo in the Loo is being updated as I type. I hope that you are enjoying the information! Please let me know if you need help using the tips.

The NEW Kahoot!

During ISTE 17, Kahoot announced the release of a new mobile app. The app, still in beta, addresses a number of the complaints teachers have voiced about the app.

Here’s a quick overview of the app’s new features:

  • Challenge accepted! Challenges are the cornerstone of the new app. You can send Kahoot! challenges to students both from the platform and the app. On top of that, players can also challenge their peers. Who can hit that one out of the park?!
  • Home screen – your gaming hub. There, you can see an overview of challenges in progress, previously played games and featured kahoots. You can also search for kahoots among 20 million public games.
  • No need for a second screen. When you play a challenge or another kahoot outside the class, the questions and the answers will appear on the phone screen.
  • Play in short rounds. Challenges are split into quick, “snack size” rounds that bring in competition dynamics.
  • There’s an “Enter PIN” button, too! With the app, players can also join games hosted in the classroom and use the phone as a classic game controller.

Google Classroom Training

There is a new component of the Google Education Training Center that is all about Classroom, and it includes videos, cheat sheets, and other guides. If you are just getting started with Google Classroom, this new resource is for you.

Thank you to the Region 10 Digital Learning Team for this information! Subscribe to their podcast for more great tips!

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Ask an iCoach {Facebook Group}

Are you a member of the "Ask an iCoach" Facebook group? If not, click HERE and request to join today! This is a place to ask questions and share "techy" resources to use in the classroom. Hoping this can be a space for us to grow and share together!