March of Dimes

By: Mia Harp

The Purpose

The main mission of the March of Dimes is help improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth, and infant mortality.

The March of Dimes has led the way to discover the genetic causes of birth defects, to promote newborn screening, and to educate medical professionals and the public about best practices for healthy pregnancy.

They have supported research for therapy to treat respiratory distress and helped initiate the system of regional neonatal intensive care for premature and sick babies.

Their recent Folic Acid Campaign achieved a dramatic reduction of neural tube defects, birth defects of the brain and spine.

How March of Dimes Protects the Rights of Children

The March of Dimes is protecting the rights of these newborn children and children inside mom's stomach by helping to prevent pregnancy abuse. They are raising awareness to try and get mothers to stop drinking, smoking, or using drugs during their pregnancy that could cause problems when the baby is born.

Overall they are preventing abuse and trying to help give the babies a voice that aren't able to speak for themselves so they can live a healthy long life in the future.

Child Safety

  • Teach your child to watch out for traffic and how to be safe when walking to school, riding a bike, and playing outside
  • Make sure your child understands water safety, and always supervise them when she’s swimming or playing near water
  • Supervise your child when they are engaged in risky activities, such as climbing
  • Talk with your child about how to ask for help when they needs it
  • Keep potentially harmful household products, tools, equipment, and firearms out of your child’s reach
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How can understanding about this agency or organization benefit parents, children, and families?

Understanding this agency can help parents and family know what they should and shouldn't be doing during a pregnancy as well as after birth. Knowing what to do can truly save the babies life as well help the baby to live a healthy life. If the parents know what they are doing when it comes to pregnancy then it will benefit the child, and help create a happy family. :)

What events precipitated the development of this agency protecting children?

There was an increase in infant mortality and birth defects among infants, the March of Dimes decided to focus on raising awareness on how to help prevent these birth defects as well as researching and discovering how these problems can be prevented.

After decades of increases, the rate of premature birth in the United States has now been on a steady decline for the last several years. This decline is 9.6 percent today, and has saved thousands of babies from being born too soon. It also has saved our nation billions of dollars in excess health care costs. Despite this progress, about 380,000 babies are born prematurely each year, but they are continuing to lower this as they now offer comfort and support to families with a baby in newborn intensive care in 132 hospitals around the country.