Morgan Stanley Capco Rewards & Recognition

The Morgan Stanley Capco Rewards & Recognition Program highlights those individuals or groups who consistently provide a level of excellence in delivery or performance that exceeds expectations.

Please congratulate your current winners!


Newsha is PM on the OFAC project and is a brilliant project manager, POM and mentor. The partner consultant on the project (Ernst and Young) often seek her counsel. On countless occasions, Newsha has identified risks or gaps in processes (directly or indirectly associated to her work stream), performed due diligence, presented findings to the client and advised on next steps. She takes the pain to cross check work done by the other consulting firm, to make sure there are no mistakes or gaps with their strategy and execution (and often times, she finds gaps). On the team, Newsha is a source of inspiration. She makes out time for EVERY member of the (15 man) team. She constantly motivates us and ensures that the morale is high. Newsha makes sure a job well done gets the credit it deserves.


Allison is a PM on the OFAC project. In her time, she has helped to build out a great team, particularly by instilling a great work ethic and atmosphere on the whole team through example (working long hours, positive attitude, etc). Our client can be challenging, and Allison works hard to maintain that “trusted advisor” role with our client. MS truly recognizes the value of this expertise (and the team’s), and she has been a great tool to position this account well going forward


In a team like the OFAC one, it’s hard to stand out, against the successful back drop of motivated people who set the pace. Dapo has always given his all to the project, solving the clients problems all the way to the solution. He has worked well to guide the junior new joiners and even improved the performance of some. His tenure on the project has meant he has a vast amount of knowledge, but the way he applies it to new problems is what is most impressive. He’s understated, you won’t see him front and center, but he’s often involved in the most complex issues, and typically is integral to the success of any solution. Not a lot of people admit to their deficiencies and seek the counsel of their peers – Dapo does this on a daily basis. Despite being one of the longest serving members on the team, he is always open to be challenged and learn new concepts about the project, even from new joiners. He doesn’t get the recognition he deserves due to the other bright lights on the team, but whilst his light might not be the loudest, it’s certainly one of the most important to the project’s success.


Prateek currently supports Morgan Stanley’s ISGPO Project Management Office and is responsible for project budgeting, resource management and financial reporting. He interacts with senior client stakeholders and project leads across all silos and recently transferred to New York from Bangalore via the Grow Program. During the same time, both his Capco and Client’s team member composition changed and his delivery obligations were staggering -- during the peak budgeting season where competing priorities and deadline driven activities are a way of life. He spent countless hours, days and nights, over a two-month period ramping up new team members while simultaneously equipping his client stakeholders with the right budgeting information at the right time to make the right decisions. His unwavering commitment to going the extra mile has significantly increased the effectiveness of the budgeting process for ISGPO and has strengthened the service delivery capabilities and quality execution of the PMO team.


You can nominate a CAPCO Star at any time, and winners will be announced on an alternating monthly schedule.

If you’d like to submit an individual or team for either award please send an email to MS group alias capcostars. Please include:

  • Description of what this person's role currently is
  • What actions went above and beyond their current responsibilities
  • Describe the effort it took for this person and the impact their actions had
  • Why specifically do you feel they should be recognized

Please feel free to reach out to your Capcostars team with any questions!