Yuna Kim


Who is Yuna Kim??

She is one of the famous Korean figure skating athlete.

She has great ahievement.

2008 - ISU Grand prix america, china gold medal

ISU Grand prix final silver medal

2009 - ISU World championship gold medal

2010 - Vancouver Winter Olympic gold medal

2011 - ISU World championship silver medal

2012 - Youth Winter Olympic Promotor

2014 - Sochi Winter Olympic silver medal

2018 Pyeong Chang Winter Olympic Promotor

Process of growth

She's difficulties and rival


-2006 back disk

-2008 hip joint injury

-2010 ancle joint injury

-2013 metatarsal bones injury


Asada mao is perfect rival also, she is best friend of Yuna Kim.

After retire

After retirement activities

After retire, She focuse on her study and charity work. Also, she work for Korean young generation figure skating athletes.

Brian Jang

Audio Recording on Thursday morning by Brian Jang
Yuna Kim - 2010 Vancouver Olympics SP (007 James Bond Medly)