Muthappa Rai the legend

Muthappa Rai the legend is the social worker in bangalore.

About Muthappa Rai

With the establishment of Jaya Karnataka in 2012, a political gathering that is more dynamic on social welfare, life has turned into a little less demanding for some poor and underprivileged in country Karnataka. The man behind this belief system is none other than Muthappa Rai. He began off his profession as a bank worker and after different high points and low points of life; he has result in these present circumstances fore where the main thing he is agonized over is the upliftment of poor and penniless.

He lives in the edges of South Bengaluru and invests the majority of the energy in his home. In the past he needed to confront just an excess of substances of life where he was confined in a couple of fights in court however around 2007 he was given a perfect chit by the courts. From that point forward he has been driving an existence devoted to welfare of individuals particularly in the provincial zones.

He has helped the Indian Intelligence organizations in giving them different inputs and must against socials captured and in addition averted different fear endeavors.

Being a full time social specialist through his association, Jaya Karnataka, he has inhabited from numerous zones of life to leave their issues. For instance, offering blinds, some assistance with conducting wellbeing camps, ladies strengthening work with the assistance of the ladies' wing of Jaya Karnataka, and so forth.

He has two children. The senior child is into inn business abroad and the second child is as yet examining. His wife, Smt. Rekha Muthappa Rai passed away in 2013 who was an extremist herself.