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Biostatisticians needed.

Description & Responsibilities:

Biostatistics combines the medical field with math, statistics, and science. Biostatisticians apply the principles of statistics to medical and public health research. Studies regarding new or experimental treatments, or links between various lifestyles and diseases for example, are typically based on data that is calculated by biostatisticians.

Biostatisticians design studies, gather data, and analyze it. Designing studies entails determining a sample size, figuring out how best to collect data accurately, and how to measure it. Sometimes they take rough data collected from other studies and "clean it up" to make it useful by editing out potentially erroneous information.


Job Opportunity

We have 3 biostatistic job openings at our Pittsburgh office, we also have opportunities at our other offices around the world if you're looking to get out of the city.

Pay Scale

Raises are given to our employees after time, our pay scale is anywhere from $49,551 to $123,650. The pay scale depends on the work you do, and how long you've been with us.

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