How to Use Picasa

Digital Photograph Organizer/Editor

Get Picasa

  • Download the latest version of Picasa:
  • Choose to scan entire hard drive or My Pictures, My Documents and Desktop
  • Find pictures displayed in Library view
  • Add new folders manually by clicking on Tools/Folder Manager

"Basic" Editing

  • "Crop"-- Cut out part of image choosing manual size or preset ratios
  • "Straighten"-- Use grid and slider to rotate photo until straight
  • "Redeye"-- Automatically fix red eyes--green square will indicate it
  • "I'm Feeling Lucky"--Adjust lighting & color for dull or hazy photos
  • "Auto Contrast"--Heighten contrast
  • "Auto Color"--Improve color
  • "Retouch"--Remove dust spots
  • "Text"--Add text anywhere on photo
  • "Fill Light"--Move slider up and down to lighten photo
  • Click "Apply" after using each button


  • "Fill Light"--Slide up and down to lighten photo (when flash was forgotten)
  • "Highlights"-- Use slider to make light colors in photo more obvious
  • "Shadows"--Use slider to make the dark parts of photo darker
  • "Color Temperature"--Use slider to change "warmth" of photo
  • "Neutral Color Picker"--Click on eyedropper icon & then on neutral black, grey, or white part of photo to adjust color


  • "Sharpen"--Click on "Sharpen" and move "Amount" slider to focus photo
  • "Sepia"--Give photo old-fashioned sepia tone
  • "B&W"--Turn photo into old-fashioned black & white shot
  • "Warmify"--See "Color Temperature" above in "Tuning"
  • "Film grain"--Combined w/ "Sepia" or "B&W" gives old-fashioned film grain
  • "Tint"--Click & pick color w/ eyedropper icon to wash photo with color of choice, then move "Color Preservation" slider
  • "Saturation"--Move "Amount" slider to heighten photo saturation
  • "Soft focus"--Move "Size" and "Amount" sliders to soften photo focus making a single object stand out
  • "Glow"--Move "Intensity" and "Radius" sliders to make photo glow
  • "Filtered B&W"--Pick a color to make photo look like it was taken w/ a black & white camera and a color filter
  • "Focal B&W"--Move pointer on photo to desired spot & move "Size" and "Sharpness" sliders to turn entire photo black and white except around a single point
  • "Graduated Tint"--Pick a color to use for tint & move the "Feather and "Shade" sliders to tint the top part of photo


  • "Upload" to Picasa Web Albums
  • "Email" to friends
  • "Print" to send selected pictures to printer
  • "Export" to move pictures to another folder on computer's hard drive
  • "Shop" to shop online for products
  • "BlogThis" to upload pictures to Google Blog
  • "Collage" to create digital picture collage with selected photos
  • "Video" to create a video with selected photos and upload to YouTube
  • "Geotag" to geotag your pictures using Google Earth


For Module 5, Google App, I made a Collage on Picasa of one of my Senior classes.

Click on this link:

Nancy Schulz