by Laurie Halse Anderson

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Twisted was a good book and I especially loved the character Tyler Miller so Twisted is Laurie Halse Anderson's Tyler is a senior in High School, and school is just about to begin.Tyler was expelled his junior year for putting graffiti all over the school, and he got caught.

Tyler has his eyes on the star tennis player Bethany Milbury, and throughout the story he tries to get her and he ended up accidentally breaking her leg , but that only boosts their relationship.They finally get together and go to a party one night.Bethany gets drunk and wants to get sexual with Tyler, and he doesn't want to take advantage of her because she is drunk and she doesn't know what she is doing, then some unknown guy goes with her and takes pictures of her without any clothes on and posts them on the internet.

The next day at school, everybody thinks it's Tyler, but it's not. the pictures are going aorund the school, and both their reputations are ruined. Bethany gets mad at Tyler for not stopping her, and Tyler gets threatened by her older brother.

Tyler is having a terrible life family , and his dad is basically abusive. Tyler attempts to commit suicide, but he doesn't, because he realizes his father isn't in control of him.

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