9/11/2001 Conspiracy or NOT?

Connor Link

Who? What? When? Where? Why?

It was an terrorist attack on the United States of America carried out by Al-Qaeda on September 11, 2001. They hijacked three American Airline planes. After the hijacking of the planes two of them where wrecked into the World Trade Center a.k.a Twin Towers in New York City. Yet the third was said to be taken back by citizens who did a crash landing and wrecked into the Pentagon located in Arlington County Virginia.

How could this be controversial? Some people are confused to why the building practically em-plodded instead of falling to one side or the other, like it should've done.

Perspective of Beyond September 11

They see it as a attack against America to try and scare us away from a war in Iraq. They try to you terrorism to scare us, although it did. It also made many Americans angry enough to want to go to war and want war and revenge.

Perspective of The Washington Times

They see 9/11 as a misleading attack on terrorism and that it change our view of what terrorism is or was. They consentrate on 9/11 so much but in 1970 terrorism attcl on the USA peaked at 120 per year (Harper, J. (n.d.). 9/11 ‘misleads’ Americans’ view of terrorism. Retrieved May 04, 2016, from http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2009/may/28/911-misleads-americans-view-of-terrorism/)


Media Bias

How well have the media covered the September 11 attack? Over the past decade, have the American news media, especially television news, fundamentally failed the American public by not providing essential coverage of world affairs? How can a citizen be both skeptical and informed in the coming months if history suggests mainstream media coverage is likely to turn increasingly hegemonic and sensationalistic?(Matt Nisbet)

October 1, 2001

Historical Criticism

From a historical stand point since September 11, 2001, security in airports due to the attacks that occurred on that day have gone to the extremes. Back before 9/11 airports were not as strict on their security. You were aloud to do a lot more and take different things then you are now. Every since 9/11 security has many different check points you walk through, many more officers patrolling the airports and higher security.

Racial Criticism

Ever since 9/11 people have looked down on, hated and disrespected Muslims because they are all "terrorist" and they all had something to do with 9/11. Its wrong that we group them all together based on their religion. Every religious group has it extremist. And just because it was the terrorist group Al-Qaeda branched off and created from Muslim extremist. Doesn't mean we should criticize Muslims as a group.