Followers: Christians

The Christianity Faith

Christians believe in one god called God(of Abraham called Yaweh in Hebrew). Christians believe Abraham is the prophet and was a very important to God. The holy book to Christians is called The Holy Bible, it consists of two different parts: The Old Testament and The New Testament. Christians also believe in prayer, The Holy Trinity-God the Father, Jesus the son, and the Holy Spirit, and the Declaration of Faith-Salvation-when Christians die they either go to heaven or hell (they try not to commit sin to get to heaven). They believe in Baptism-when Christians are first introduced to Christianity, and Communion-when Christians share the Bread and Wine to remember Jesus' last supper(known as The Last Supper). Christians have a special place to pray-a Church. Many special people lead the Church, many are called either minister, preacher, priest, pastor, father, or reverend. There are many sections of the Christian religion including Roman Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant. Sunday is very special to Christians, it is known as Sabbath day, Christians go to church and pray. On Christmas, Christians celebrate Jesus' birth. On Easter, Christians celebrate when Jesus' dies and resurrects. Christians believe that Jerusalem is a very special city, it is where Jesus was crucified. Bethlehem is also a very special place, it is where Jesus' was born.