Trees ARE people

Do YOU think you are doing good? Are YOU helping ?

It all starts with 1.

Do YOU think you are helping the environment? or ruining it. the earth is in a CRISIS in this century, there is Global warming, animals are going extinct, and much MUCH more... Help the earth. Make it better for the future people. YOU CAN make a difference, even the tiniest deeds can change the world. it all starts with 1. 1 person, can change the world to make a better place.


people all over the world are helping the environment, picking up trash, saving water, and electricity, taking out bushfires, and even being eco friendly! those endless possibilities. you can help by changing your life with a very simple first step. being a Eco tourist. OR be something else if you want?

Trees are people.

Do you think trees are people? no? wondering why it is? well. trees Breath like us, all that is different is that we need it and it needs us. Also it eats like us, it just isnt the same, AND it has many MANY other features just like us, but we arent being fair and not treating it like its one of us. Even if they are we still kill them. Its a sad life for them...

GO Eco-Tourism - The First step

Eco tourism is something you can do, not as many peopel do this since you nay have to miss out on alot of styuff but it still doesnt mean you dont have to do that. i believe being a eco-tourism may change your life. it might inspire other people to be eco-tourism. its a not so terrible or so great life. You might like it. if you go eco tyou may change something cause a Revolution.

You can still have fun. Just take a rough first step