Parent Teacher Conference Documents

A collection of documents that can help during conferences!

These are a collection of different styles of documents that can help organize your thoughts and talking points for the Parent Teacher Conferences on 11/23-11/25

From Tara Martin: Two Column Notes

Attached is the Two Column Note protocol that Tara designed to include Math Practices and Suggestions for improvement.

Will Weeks' Varaiation on Tara's Sheet

Will has adjusted Tara's organizer to provide space for comments as well as Interactive Notebook specific comments

From Ashley Ricketts: Full Page Checklist

Attached is the Full Page Checklist that Ashley designed to include suggestions for items that can improve their grades as well as strengths & concerns.

Danielle Healey's Variation for ESOL Checklist

Similar to Ashley's Checklist, this has been modified for ESOL students and families

From Danielle Stephenson & Megan Kruger: Student Led Conferences

Attached is the Student Led Conference Sheets that Danielle and Megan are sending home as homework as a Before Activity for Parent/ Teacher Conferences. They are going to use these sheets to base their conferences off.
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