Making a change.

Ellie B. Sophia M. Callie H.

Our Problem

Our strongest problem as a group is the late start and late end for Medlin Middle School and schools in the district. We feel as a group that this is our strongest problem because it effect students in positive way's and negative way's.

Our strategies

We choose to do posters (persuade posters), and protesting. We also interview students and teachers to see other people's point of view of this problem.

Our Quetsions

1) How does late start effect students?

2) Do you think we have enough time after school for activities?

3) How do you think it's effects students learning?

4) How does it effect your sleep?

5) How does it effect teachers / their personal life?

Progressive Era

protesting and posters

we choose to do posters and protesting because as a group we thought that this way was the easiest way to persuade people to agree with us.

Benefits and solutions

Our soulution is to start school at 8:30 and end at 3:30. Our strategies to fix is to persuade people with prostest and posters.

Our benefits of this is parents and students still won't be in high school traffic, students will have time for after school actives, students will be more productive in the classroom, also student will have the opportunity to be healtheir. Teachers won't struggle so much to get the students to focus and work.