The Blocky Sandbox World

Lets Talk About Minecraft

Minecraft... a subtle virtual world where you can build anything you want! There are different biomes, game modes, and even places to play with other people! Come on in, to the best place ever.

Official Minecraft Trailer


As you can see, there are links and videos to helpful places, places to buy the game and the intro. Here are some more creative places to help and customize your experience!


There are PLENTY of people who play Minecraft and post it on Youtube! Here's some stuff to get you started:

-think of a fun name

-think of cool video ideas/series

-enjoy yourself!

These are all just a few of the awesome Youtubes out there, and maybe you can be one too!

Have Fun!

I hope if you liked all of this, you will play Minecraft.

Here is a starter server, if you ever want to meet me (flyerjo).

Name- Freeworld

Address- play.mcfreeworld.com

Hope you have fun! Bye!