No Teacher Left Behind

No Teacher/Child Left Behind

Nobody Left Behind

As a nation I think in order for the teachers not to be left behind with new techniques we should come together with plans on how to help them be aware of what is going on around them. When the teachers become aware so do the children. With the proper training and teaching strategies, teachers can learn from others in order to better serve their students. Not only do children learn by others but so do teachers so they can meet with other co-workers that are in the know about the new techniques and they can learn that way. Having a meeting of the minds is a good idea. By this I mean come together with other teachers and put all the ideas together in order to learn new strategies or techniques. I do believe that all teachers should use certain practices because what works for one may not work for the other so all the same practices don't need to be used for all students. I think there should be a consistent standard for all teachers so they can see how well the students are improving or even find the areas in which they need help in to work on their weaknesses. When it comes to teachers being prepared for the NETS-T standards I think that at some point they will become prepared. Different standards are taught at different schools so I guess it will depend on the school and the administrative staff whether or not the teachers are getting what they need when it comes to the standards.