Third Grade

Classroom Guidance Lessons

Why Try

Why Try is a program that promotes perseverance as a means of obtaining freedom, opportunity and self-respect at school and in life. Each lesson includes a visual metaphor to illustrate concepts such as effort, overcoming challenges and accessing resources.

Students reflect on and answer the questions, "Why try at school?" and "Why try in life?".

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Scope and Sequence

Lesson 1: Introductory Lesson (freedom, opportunity, self-respect)

Lesson 2: The Reality Ride

Lesson 3: Jumping Your Hurdles

Lesson 4: Desire, Time and Effort

Lesson 5: Getting Plugged In

Lesson 6: Seeing Over the Wall

Learning Targets

I have identified learning targets for each Why Try lesson. Learning targets are aligned with American School Counselor Association (ASCA) student standards. At the end of each lesson, students should be able to demonstrate mastery of the learning target.

Lesson 1: I can define freedom, opportunity and self-respect.

Lesson 2: I can explain the difference between the "Harder but Worth It" and "Easy and Fast" tracks on the Reality Ride.

Lesson 3: I can explain one hurdle that I have jumped over.

Lesson 4: I can define desire, time and effort.

Lesson 5: I can identify one grown-up who can support me at home, school and outside of school.

Lesson 6: I can describe one choice that I have to make in third grade. I can explain which track I will choose and why.