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Itsy Betsy Principal Went Up Jungle Gym

Today we had the second round of GE observations, and all of you were amazing! I was so proud to be greeted with genuine smiles and to watch you and the learners in GE action! Way to go!

Throughout the year I have been thinking about a way to capture your engaging teaching strategies and share your knowledge and expertise with others. So, the idea popped into my head during the GE Walkthroughs! We are going to start highlighting teachers by sharing a video of them teaching in Wilson Memo periodicially. I am a very visual learner, and it really helps to see things in action! So, the first Wilson Stars to be spotlighted are Katie Groff and Lori Moore! Take a look at these awesome videos that were used during their video feedback. Give them a pat on the back when you see them next week!





Lindsey Ayers

  • The Earth Day Texas Celebration is coming up April 24-26. See attached flyer for more information or to sign up for your campus or club on campus to attend.

  •  Samsung has employee "give back" day on Friday, May 8th from 10-2. They are looking for five-six opportunities in our schools to send volunteers to campuses to help with a service project, read to kids, speak about careers, etc. If your campus would like to be one of the opportunities listed for volunteers to choose to serve (listing an opportunity will not guarantee your campus gets chosen), please e-mail me with a job description and the number of workers needed by Wednesday, April 1.

  •  Amazon has offered to host tours of their Coppell facility every couple of
    weeks. They can host up to 100 learners per visit. There will be a limited number of tours that can take place before school is out (most likely only four), but if you would like to be on the list, please e-mail layers@coppellisd.com and we will work to get you in before summer. Please only request one group per school to give as many schools a chance to attend as possible. Thanks!

Here We Go!

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Language and Literacy

Handwriting Without Tears has a wealth of online resources, including an interactive white board resource and worksheet maker. Recently, a webinar, “A Walk Through Your FREE Texas Resources,” was shared with us to help inform us about these resources. The Pre-K teachers have access to everything they will see here as well. — play me