Welcome to Week Six

Mergers and Acquisitions (BUS499)

Weekly Content

This week we're going to be discussing mergers and acquisitions. Integrating an existing organization into yours is a complex process: How will you decide if a merger/acquisition will be profitable? How will you integrate your two organizations? How will you evaluate the success of the merger/acquisition after it's been completed?

Class Notes - Week Six Discussion

In this week's discussion, we're going to be having a conversation about executive compensation. This is an area that often generates some strong feelings. When you're composing your initial post and responding to other students, be sure that you're approaching the topic from a professional, analytic, business perspective rather than an emotional one. There will be times throughout your career when you have to take a position on something about which you feel strongly. It's important that you be able to maintain a professional perspective on those topics to make sure that your positions are taken seriously.