Mrs. Cormack's Class Newsletter

For the Week of April 29th-May 3rd

Week in Review

Wow, can I say whirlwind?? The testing is over, and all of us at Sommer felt the pressure and intensity! The students and I had to pack up on Monday and move downstairs for two days. Then, we were back home on Thursday, but the schedule was still different due to 5th grade testing! On top of all that, I will have a sub for tomorrow! Arg! Hopefully next week, we'll get back to normal....

What We Will Be Learning This Week 4/29-5/3

Math: Ok, you super duper mathematicians, get ready for.....Multiplication! This week, the students will begin to explore the concepts behind multiplication. On Monday, the students will take their final TEMI test (Texas Early Mathematics Inventories; scores will be shared as I grade them). Also on Monday, we will take a short quiz over multiplication just to see who knows what. On Tuesday, the students will learn what an array is and they will get to make them using real world situations. A district-required lesson will take up Wednesday and Thursday, the heart of which is understanding unitizing. Students will demonstrate this when they are able to calculate the product of two factors by simultaneously processing one of these factors in relation to the other factor (the number of groups and the number of items within each group). On Friday, students who demonstrate mastery will be able to work on a more complex multiplication menu while I work with other students to review skills.

Science/Social Studies: Hopefully, your little astronomers have been telling you all about the objects we see in the sky! Monday and Tuesday will be for wrapping up this last unit of science. Monday, we will explore why the sun appears to change position in the sky. Tuesday will be a short, fun assessment over the objectives in the unit. Then we are done with science and onto Social Studies for the remainder of the year. On Wednesday, the students will be introduced to Economics via a power point. On Thursday, students will explore wants versus needs and how people get what they want and need. On Friday, we will take a look at goods and services and think about how work provides an income to purchase goods and services.

Language Arts: We will wrap up our unit on contractions and move into apostrophes that show ownership.

Reading: We are continuing our unit of nonfiction. This week, the students will read a variety of animal nonfiction books and as a class we will create an animal research project. The class will fill out parts of a graphic organizer daily, looking for specific facts and details about that animal. Students will also use an Animal Menu during their Read to Self time while I begin assessing reading levels for the end of year records.

Early Release

There will be an early release on Wednesday, May 1st. Happy May Day!

High Fives and Thursday Folders

Today students came home with their Reading Response Journals. Have them take you on a tour of their work!

Benchmark scores came home in Thursday folders today. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.

Spotlight Stallion

And the Spotlight Stallion for this week is.....Elena! Peter is so excited to go home with Elena! She has done a super-duper job this week following Sommer expectations! Way to go!

On the Calendar

Friday, April 26th - Mrs. Cormack Out

Saturday, April 27th - Sommer Day at Round Rock Express

Monday, April 29th - Homework Due

Wednesday, May 1st - Early Release Day

Thursday, May 2nd - Chick-Fil-A Spirit Night