Missing Narwhals

Monodon Monoceros

Where are they missing?

The Narwhals are missing from the Arctic Circle. They are range from 13 ft-20 ft in length and weigh an average of 3,500 lbs . They have a large spiral tusk that can reach up to 8.8 ft in length. The species was last seen in the Arctic Circle. They provide food for Orcas and Polar Bears as well as for the Inuit people. They usually travel in pods of 15-20.

If you find them please do the following:

Call the Authorities and the Narwhal will be under top of the line protection from an Apache helicopter that will kill anything that makes an aggressive action towards the Narwhal.


We are a group that usually goes against the use of paper and advocates to reduce paper waste. Recently, we have noticed that the Narwhal has moved to the Endangered list and we have decided to put a stop to it and help protect these unique and interesting creatures of the Arctic.