An Interview With Mr. Barnard

By: Jordan Amara

Veteran Teacher Helps the Next Generation

Assistant band director Gary Barnard, even in the absence of the head director, will make time to go and help the incoming class of 8th graders in the middle school. He spends his time developing friendships with the students helping them with their issues and giving them an insight on the music world they have just barely scratched the surface of.

A graduate of University of Texas at Arlington were he earned his Bachelors of Music and then found his job at Birdville High School in 2007. He was been teaching at Birdville for 10 years. He along with two other directors teach the marching band, Wind Ensemble, Symphonic and Concert Bands. Birdville also has two Jazz bands that Mr. Barnard and Mr. Cheripka teach. In 2012 Mr. Barnard earned his Masters of Educational Administration and Principal Certification from the University of North Texas.

He came to Birdville in 2007 after being a tech from 2002-2006. He has been an active member in the band and even the school ever since. He along with the marching band and concert bands runs the basketball band, assists with the musical orchestra, and is the sponsor for the Birdville High School Fishing Club and Ulitimate Frisbee Club.

Birdville is not just a High School.

Mr. Barnard teaches all grades 6th through 12th, helping anyone who needs it. He works upwards of 80 hours a week between the marching band, his symphonic band, the Jazz band II, and helping the middle schoolers. With almost no down time I asked how does he do it and he responded with "I love my Job... even though sometimes I do not want to get up, I do it for the kids". The growth that he sees in the students is the biggest reward he said, when everything falls into place with just the raw will of the stidents to get the job done, nothing is better. Mr. Barnard is fun, loving person who does more for others than himself reguardless the outcome. He always fiinds a way to connect witht the students, even the ones who resist. But in the end music is his love, and it is just that which brings us all together to do this crazy thing we call Band.

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