The process of Naturalization

STEP 1. First you have to become eligible for the whole process.

A. at least be 18

B. A lawful Permanent resident of the united states

c. Resident and physically present in the united states for at least five years at the time of application.

  • Step 2. You must complete the application. You must make sure u have pictures of you self at lease two and need to have the nessecary paper work to complete The application.

Step 3. The thir step is they must have your finger print on file. ou must go whn they assign the date to you other then that will not be able to complete the process


Step 4. You must get interviewed by an government offical and if they like the resopnes and things u say you will be premitted to take the test.

Step 5. You take you test and if you pass then you must take an oath of allegiace and if you complete all of that then your a citizen