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Sharing Great News with our AWesome Staff!

Formative Assessment Techniques

At our GLC meeting this week we discussed possible professional development topics and instructional tips that would be helpful to provide to staff. Formative assessment techniques was an idea mentioned on the staff survey I sent out in July as a topic that staff is always interested in learning more about. I will plan to use this section of our weekly staff update to list 2-3 instructional strategies each week. I am sure that you are already familiar with some of these, but hopefully this can serve as refresher or a way to spark new ideas to use with our students. Please share any great tips you have so I can include them! Thanks!

Formative Assessment Strategies for:

*Misconception Check: Present students with common or predictable misconceptions about a designated concept, principle, or process. Ask them whether they agree or disagree and explain why. The misconception check can also be presented in the form of a multiple choice or true-false quiz.

*Muddiest Point: Students write one or two ideas that were least clear to them from the current or preceding class period.

*One Sentence Summary: Students summarize knowledge of a topic by constructing a single sentence that answers the questions: "Who does what to whom, when, where, how, and why?" Sort of like a brief game of Clue.

If you use any of these strategies, please share with me how it went! Student work samples are also welcomed! Thank you for your commitment to professional growth!

Events for the Week of December 7-December 11

Dates to Remember

Monday, December 7th: OTES Pre-Conference (Buehrer)

Tuesday, December 8th: PBIS Committee meeting @ 7:30am

Tuesday, December 8th: OTES Obs (Buehrer)

Wednesday, December 9th: Jamie @ Principals meeting @ 9am-11am

Thursday, December 10th: Jamie @ Admin meeting @9am-11am

Thursday, December 10th: Staff Meeting @ 3:40pm

Friday, December 11th: OTES Post-Conf (Buehrer)

Monday, December 14th: OTES Pre-Conf (Buffy)

Tuesday, December 15th: Fire Drill in PM (TBA)

Tuesday, December 15th: Grade 2 Holiday Concert @ 2:30pm

Tuesday, December 15th: Grade 2 Holiday Concert @ 7pm

Wednesday, December 16th: OTES Obs (Buffy)

Friday, December 18th: Staff Holiday Party

Monday, December 21st: OTES Post Conf (Buffy)

Tuesday, December 22nd: Holiday Classroom Parties (beginning @ 2:30pm)

General Information

*Waterville had 97% of our students represented at Parent/Teacher Conferences this school year! You all did such a great job preparing and communication academic and affective information with families that will allow them to assist and support their children.

*Please remember that individual teachers need to complete School Dude tickets for maintenance/custodial requests. It is important that all of the requests are tracked in order to see if there are reoccurring areas of concern. Thanks!

*Please make sure to check your mailboxes for updates (especially possible student transportation plans) each day at 2:00pm or after.

*Please remember to sign up to observe one of your colleagues. Everyone has received their golden pirate booty and tickets! Let the fun begin!!!

Holiday Help

Waterville staff will continue to show our love and support to the Vandiver Family this holiday season. If you would like to be involved, please make a gift card or cash donation and place it in the envelope located in the workroom, by Friday, December 11th.

Missy and the kids are in Bismarck, North Dakota until after the holiday season is over. We will be mailing our gifts to Missy and the children on Saturday, December 12th, so they are sure to arrive in time to help. If you make a contribution, please plan to wear jeans on December 21st and 22nd. Please contribute at least $5 per day, or $10 for both days to wear jeans with AW or holiday gear (let's show off our "ugly Christmas sweaters!).

If you would like to individually send something to the Vandiver family the address they are at is:

8015 Kittie Lane

Bismarck, ND 58504

Holiday Lunch

The annual holiday lunch for staff will take place this year on our last day before break, Tuesday, December 22nd. Lori and I will be bringing in Granite City as our gift of thanks to all of our staff here. I am not sure that our gratitude for everyone would be adequately expressed if we prepared a "home-cooked" meal for you all!!! The food will be served throughout your regularly scheduled lunch periods in the lounge (similar to when Granite City provided lunch to us in Sept). Please plan to eat in the lounge and enjoy a day off of packing your own lunch!

Collaborating with the Junior High

Dr. Pfefferle contacted me about an exciting interdisciplinary project the eighth grade language arts and social studies departments are working on. The students have been learning about the Revolutionary War and are using this knowledge to write children's literature. The eighth graders would like to come to our school and share their completed children's books on Tuesday, December 22nd. I am working with Dr. Pfefferle on creating a schedule for their visit. I asked that they come here sometime between 9:15am and 11:30am. I will let you know once we have more finalized plans. Please let me know now if you are not interested in having a small group of eighth graders (3 students) come into your classroom and share their story. If I do not hear from you, I will include you on the schedule. This is going to be so neat!

Updating our Academic Vocabulary

GLC Members and grade level teams:

Please help coordinate efforts with our staff to update the vocabulary words that are read and defined during morning announcements. We want to ensure that the words we are focused on will in fact help our students advance academically and prepare them for future success.

A google doc was created and email last month asking each grade level/department to:

  1. Look over the lists shared, and/or refer to the earlier workday GRIT vocab words shared

  2. Select 10 words that have not already been chosen by another grade level

  1. Complete the table with the requested info for each vocab word selected

Thanks for your help with this project!

SLO Schedule


Here is the timeline for SLOs this year...

11/9: SLOs Due to Building Principal: COMPLETED!

11/10: Elementary Committee Meets to Review SLOs: COMPLETED!

11/13: SLOs returned to teachers:COMPLETED!

11/18: SLO's needing revisions returned to Building Principal-COMPLETED!

11/20: Revised SLOs reviewed by committees-COMPLETED!

11/21: Revised SLOs returned to teachers-COMPLETED!

AIR Testing:

Below are three links related to testing. The first is simply the log in for AIR. You may want to bookmark that as we will be using that frequently in the months to come.

The second is a link to the PDF of the test administrator user guide.

The third is an actual test administrator certification course. It is pretty good. AIR works basically the same as it did last year with some minor modifications.

Log In URL:

Test Administrator User Guide:
User Guide

Test Administration Certification Course:
Certification Course

Holiday Party

Thank you to Leslie Lee for offering to host our holiday staff party at her home!!! The festivities will occur on Friday, December 18th, beginning at 5pm. Please sign up to bring a favorite snack to the party here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NToBBESpA7TnceXc08r06pEOwfZ-KABF6C8h_k5et6k/edit?ts=564b8cb2