Roman Entertainment

By:Alexis Peterson

The Coliseum

The coliseum can seat 45,000 people but if you are willing to stand the colisium can fit 70,000 People! This is where roman citzins would spectate bloody combat.This is where they threw people to the lions! They flooded the colisium to hold navel battles. The ancient Romans were great builders. They built things that lasted a long time. Anyone could attend events in the coliseum and admission was free

The Circus Maximus

The ancient romans loved chariot racing. In early roman times young npbles used to race there chariots around the 7 hills of rome.The maxims was a race track woman could sit with men and that was very unusual. The original circus maximus was wooden, but it burnt down a few times , the final circus maximus was made out of marble and concrete. The circus maximus was not the only circus in the roman empire the romans built more circuses around the empire. It could seat over 250,000 people!

The Forum

The forum was the main market place and buisness center where the ancient romans went to do there banking trading shopping and marketing. it was also place for public ancient romans were great oraders. VALENTINES DAY: The ancient rome festival called lupercalia honored love. They also chose future love partners. MAY DAY: The May Pole was a pole decorated with flowers and ribbon. DECORATING WITH GREENERY: This day was on the 25 of december They feasted and gave gifts