First Date

BY: Krista Mcgee


The setting of this story is the United States, mainly in New York, Tennesse, and Florida.
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The reason i chose a daisy for my taxedo on the book is because Jonathon gives the girls that go home a red daisy.

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First Date (SUMMARY part one)

Addy Davidson is called into the principles office. Her school has the chance to be on a reality T.V show and the prize is a date to prom.... with the president's son and her principle wants to have her represent them by going on the show. At first she doesn't want to do it. then her uncle talks her into it. When Addy gets on the bus ,going to Tennesse, she sees 99 other girls there. She decides she is going to ruin her chance on the show. Once they get there Addy makes a horrible impression to Jonathon(the presidents son.) Addy gets bunked with a girl named Kara.they become great friends. Hank(the director) doesn't like Addy because he thinks she wants to ruin his show.

First Date (SUMMARY part two)

Addy has to compete in competitions while on the show. Two of Addy's roomates are given a red daisy. Addy competes in a talent show and plays a kazoo. Hank thinks she did that to get publicity. Addy has many things writen about her on the internet. Some people say she is America's favorite. Addy make si9t into the top 15. As do Kara, Anna Grace, Jessica, and Lila. Anna Grace, Jessica and Lila decide they do not like Addy. Addy and Jonathon play golf with each other. A photo is found that says Addy and Jonathon were kissing.

First Date (SUMMARY part 3)

Addy tells Kara about her parents. Kara invites Addy to meeet her folks in  New York. Addy competes in another competition and wins imunity. Kara and Addy make it into the Top 10. Addy's Uncle Mike takes a job as a guard on the show. Soon Addy makes into the Top 5. Along with Kara, Jessica, Anna Grace and Lila. Addy gets bit by a poisonous spider and has to go strait to the hospitol. Addy and Her Uncle Mike discover a plot to hurt Jonathon and kill the president. They told the secret service and saved them both. the other girls (except  for Kara) believe Addy got bit on purpose. Hank changes it to be that the audience votes who the want to win. Now this is it time to figure out who wins, Jessica has to leave first, then Anna Grace and then Kara. Now its between Addy and Lila. Lila wins and Addy is runner up. This makes Jonathon sad because he really wanted Addy to win. Addy gets home and the whole inside of her house is remodeled. The First Lady walks out and then Jonathon. Addy thanks them and Jonathon wants to see her over the summer.
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This is Krista Mcgee the author.