What To Expect When Expecting!

For Pregnant Mommas & Poppas

Pregnancy & Birth

Mommas, when expecting be prepared. Expect the unexpected. Expect to gain weight, lots of it. Expect to get beautiful "warrior battle scars" also known as stretch marks. Expect for those boobies to get bigger; Poppas, enjoy them while they're big. Also, expect to go intio labot at anytime, before and after your due dat. Expect to be in a lot of pain while in labor. Expect to not be yourself. Poppas, expect to rush into the hospital. Expect to be yelled at and or be called names while in labot. But most importantly expect to give a lot of love and support.

Life Upon a New Happiness

Mommas, expect to feel a big rush of love and joy after giving birth. Poppas, don't forget to cut the umbilical cord. Expect to feel tired, both Mommas, Poppas, and even Baby. Enjoy each moment and the help of family, friends, and nurses. Mommas, expect to feel sore after labor. And on your way out the hospital, remember to pack everything inside the hospital; you'll be given a big medical bill anyways. Most importantly, expect to love everything about parenthood.