3A News

Ms. Angela and Ms. Wendy

Our year together is over! This has been one of the sweetest classes. We will be sad to see them go! A big thank you to the parents for all your help this year. Thank you to our room mother, Jennifer Thigpen. We hope everyone has an amazing summer! Hopefully, we will see a lot of your smiling faces at Summer Camp!

End of year "goodie" bags

Your child came home on Wednesday with an end of the year "goodie" bag. Please take a look at what's inside! There is a family present for you to start using in June: a handprint calendar! We had a great time making this over the school year. You will also find some gifts for your child from us. The last thing you will see are some "name" games and activities. These are a fun way for your child to practice recognizing, spelling and writing their name this summer! Enjoy!

Dates for the Calendar

June 13-17: Zoo Summer Camp - CKPK

June 26-30: CUMC VBS

July 11-15: Summer Olympics Summer Camp – CKPK

August 16: Meet the Teacher

August 17: First Day of School

Summer Camp!

SUMMER CAMP – CKPK is excited to announce that we will offer TWO summer camps.

June 13-17 (Zoo Camp)

July 11 – 15 (Summer Olympics)

Registration begins April 18 for current families and April 25 registration opens to the public. Cost $100 per student per week.

If you ever have any questions or concerns, please contact us at Cornerstone3a@yahoo.com. Please remember we do not have access to email on M, W or F between the hours of 9-12.

Ms. Angela and Ms. Wendy